Helicopter ride

Thanks to the highest bidder on the auction it raised an incredible £500

The auction now closed at £500, wow thank you so so much for all your interest and bids, your support is amazing.

The winning bidder will be contacted later today.

Thank you all again.

We will post the total amount raised from this years event as soon as we have it. Many thanks and congratulations to our winner.


Beautiful weather to take a personal helicopter ride, there will be amazing views and you can take 3 family or friends with you!!!

If someone has a special birthday, a wedding, a celebratory occasion or you just want to spoil someone you feel needs or deserves this unique experience which they’ll always remember then please bid on this first prize from our raffle which has been donated back.


Bids will close at 8pm on Sunday 27th May so please email woodies22@hotmail.co.uk.

The current top bid is £200 this is worth a lot more for the forever memories alone.

Happy bidding and thank you.


Bidding is now up to £500 keep them coming!!